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Karkhana offers a diverse range of programs based on the STEAM methodology, following the principle of “Play, Explore, Learn, Solve.” Our approach to STEAM education is tailored to each grade level: Play (Grades 1-3): In the early grades, we emphasize the “play” aspect of STEAM education, fostering curiosity and creativity in young learners. Our learning kits, materials, and engaging support trainings encourage students to experiment and tinker, instilling a love for learning. Explore (Grades 4-6): As students progress, we shift focus to the “explore” phase of STEAM education. We encourage them to delve into investigations and discoveries through projects like robotics, coding, and other STEAM activities. This approach builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Learn (Grades 6-8): In the middle grades, we concentrate on the “learn” component of STEAM education. We help students grasp the underlying concepts and methodologies of STEAM subjects. Through in-depth explorations of coding, robotics, and other STEAM areas, students build a strong foundation in these disciplines. Solve (Grades 9-12): As students reach higher grades, we emphasize the “solve” aspect of STEAM education. We challenge them to apply STEAM methodologies to real-world problems and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset. Our programs also assist students in building portfolios and preparing for college and careers in STEAM-related fields.

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