Promoting Alternative Investments in Nepal

Pioneering Nepal's Investment Landscape

The Nepal Private Equity Association (NPEA) stands at the forefront of Nepal’s dynamic investment landscape, championing the cause of alternative investments. Established as a non-profit entity under the Company Act, NPEA is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors and propelled by a team of committed professionals.

NPEA is a collaborative hub, uniting private equity investors, venture capital providers, and alternative investors both locally and internationally. The association is a nexus of expertise and innovation, driving the entrepreneurial spirit in Nepal.

With a resolute mission to promote alternative investment activities, NPEA brings together stakeholders within Nepal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through a multifaceted approach, NPEA aims to drive entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable economic growth by improving access to finance.


The association orchestrates a range of activities, from comprehensive research and analysis to industry-specific training, workshops, and networking events. NPEA endeavours to create an ecosystem conducive to thriving investments by fostering collaboration and advocating for policy enhancements.


To promote alternative investment activities by bringing together stakeholders in Nepal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem


To drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Nepal by improving access to finance

Policy Advocacy & Lobbying

We work together to make positive policy impacts for the PEVC community.


We organize several training needed for the members and community.

Networking Events

We organize various networking events that help the community foster better relationships.


Our research provides most up to date and accurate snapshots of the PEVC community in Nepal.